Day 3

281.2 this morning.  So down 1.8 pounds in two days.  Pretty good.  I did weigh myself three times to be sure it was actually 1.8 pounds down.  Don’t worry about how it isn’t healthy to lose to much so quickly.  This rate of weight loss isn’t sustainable.  I know.  I’ve lost weight many times in the past.  Even when I’m very dedicated to it, two pounds a week seems to be my highest sustainable weight.  But starting from such a high surplus, I can usually get a nice jump start the first week or two.  Just draining some of the excess water stored behind this hover dam of a belly, should be worth 5 pounds in the first week.

Yesterday was pretty much ideal in terms of my inputs.  Under 2200 calories, my goal, and 11,000 steps, 10,000 steps was my goal.  My output was good, down a pound just yesterday alone.  For me, going after a goal, especially a clear and easy to understand one like weight loss, is all about measuring inputs and outputs.  For weight loss, that calories in and calories out, steps being my proxy for calories out.  As long as I’m happy with the output (weight loss), then my inputs are good.