Just breath

A friend once told me he knew he was getting fat when he saw his belly shake in the mirror well he was brushing his teeth.  I grew up heavy, so I thought a belly shake was sort of standard.  I knew I was getting heavy (for a heavy guy) when my belly stopped shaking.

I dropped my keys the other day.  Without thinking, before I bent to pick them up, I exhaled.  I exhaled!!  I had to blow out as much air as possible to make room so I could bend over.  That I had to exhale to bend over wasn’t nearly as upsetting as it was automatic.  Apparently, I’ve been needing to do this for awhile and didn’t even realize it.

In my case, “just breath” wasn’t a good a thing.  Time to start taking action.  I weighed in at 283…….my highest.  Never again.