I’m disappointed in Montana

At least three generations of my family were born in Montana.  Although my family had to move away when I was young for work, my cousins stayed in Big Sky country.  Many Christmases and summers, we drove over the passes, stopped at the 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar and went on to see family.  They mined coal in Colstrip, ran bars in Wolf Point and worked in the DMV in Helena.  My great uncle was a state representative for many years.  I’ve known and loved Montana for decades.

Like many in the western states, Montanans I knew were independent, self-reliant and decent.  They weren’t polished but they were genuine and honest.  Part of that inner strength and self-reliance is self-control.  Greg Gianforte losing control, physically attacking a journalist and then issuing a statement full of lies is not the Montana I knew.  Gianforte thug tactics don’t belong in Montana.  I’m not even sure that behavior belongs in New Jersey.  It definitely doesn’t belong in Congress.

I’m disappointed that fellow Montanans supported this goon.  I certainly hope they don’t do it again in 2018.