So one week in, how’s it going?

Ok, one week in I’m down two pounds.  I have to keep reminding myself that two pounds is good.  After the first couple of weeks, two pounds would be great and I would love to average two pounds a week…….but for the first week to be only two pounds…….that’s kind of disappointing.  On the positive side, I’m not looking to bury my head in a plate of nachos to feel better.  That’s a major win.  Normally, the deep fried salty chips covered with cheese and hot spicy salsa would be calling me.  Comforting me.  Now I just want a nap.

To be fair, I didn’t track my inputs every day, I missed three.  I’m sure I went over on calories and under on exercise and I’m ok with it.

Now begins week two.


Day 4 – oops

So first the output……282.0.  So up 0.8 pounds.  I’m not overly concerned about that.  I had a big drop the day before, but…….the inputs are a bit of a mixed bag.  Exercise was awesome.  Eleven thousand steps plus an hour in the kayak.  The calories?  Yeah.  I don’t know but I know it wasn’t good.  My phone was out of commission for most of the day, so I didn’t track as I went along.  Wouldn’t have been a problem normally but my wife wanted a sundae from McDonalds.

Yeah.  That wasn’t good for me.  My fast-food cravings kicked in and I grabbed one of their hamburgers.  Since this was one of the few times I’m going to allow myself a fast-food mean, I figured I’d get one of their specialty burgers, Pico Guacamole on artisan bread.  With fries, which were awesome, totaled almost 1200 calories.  The burger was awful.  I know drive through burgers shopping really should be left to Wendy’s  (or maybe Sonic in a pinch – debate it in the comments section) but McDonalds was all I had.  Artisan bread apparently means made from paper-mache.  Or perhaps sawdust.  I couldn’t be sure, it might have been sawdust.  They used diced tomatoes.  Who puts diced tomatoes on a burger?  Do you know what diced tomatoes do on a burger?  They fall into your lap.  A lot.  Of course, the McDonalds’ burger tasted about as burnt and flavorless as one would expect from the clown.  I think this cured my cravings for fast-food for awhile.  I guess that is positive.

Day 3

281.2 this morning.  So down 1.8 pounds in two days.  Pretty good.  I did weigh myself three times to be sure it was actually 1.8 pounds down.  Don’t worry about how it isn’t healthy to lose to much so quickly.  This rate of weight loss isn’t sustainable.  I know.  I’ve lost weight many times in the past.  Even when I’m very dedicated to it, two pounds a week seems to be my highest sustainable weight.  But starting from such a high surplus, I can usually get a nice jump start the first week or two.  Just draining some of the excess water stored behind this hover dam of a belly, should be worth 5 pounds in the first week.

Yesterday was pretty much ideal in terms of my inputs.  Under 2200 calories, my goal, and 11,000 steps, 10,000 steps was my goal.  My output was good, down a pound just yesterday alone.  For me, going after a goal, especially a clear and easy to understand one like weight loss, is all about measuring inputs and outputs.  For weight loss, that calories in and calories out, steps being my proxy for calories out.  As long as I’m happy with the output (weight loss), then my inputs are good.

Not quite there

So the first day of intentional massive mass reduction (a.k.a. time to lose some weight chubby) wasn’t quite on track.  All in all not a terrible day.  Sure, I lost a couple tenths of a pound but at my size, I can lose that with a really deep breath.

My daily target of 10,000 steps fell bit short.  7000, including a 30 minute walk.  I don’t think that’s too bad but there is room for improvement.  3000 steps of improvement to be exact.  I did go play some tetherball with the boy, so I figure that had to have been a little good on some part of me.

Calories were a bit over too.  2500.  The app I’m using  – myfitnesspal – suggested 2200 to hit my goal.  It has a tool where you can project where your weight will be in four weeks if everyday was like today.  I think it had me down 3 pounds in four weeks.  Down!  Good.  Again, 3 pounds on someone my size might just be because all of me couldn’t fit on the scale at the same time.  My overages were part of life though.  We had a special day for my daughter involving cake and going out to chinese food.  I didn’t go for the second piece of cake, like I normally would have and instead of going for the succulent, deep fried, sugary goodness that is General Tso’s Chicken, I went for a pleasant noodle dish that was probably 500 calories less.

All in all not a bad first day but not good enough to get me to my goals.  Not yet anyway.

Just breath

A friend once told me he knew he was getting fat when he saw his belly shake in the mirror well he was brushing his teeth.  I grew up heavy, so I thought a belly shake was sort of standard.  I knew I was getting heavy (for a heavy guy) when my belly stopped shaking.

I dropped my keys the other day.  Without thinking, before I bent to pick them up, I exhaled.  I exhaled!!  I had to blow out as much air as possible to make room so I could bend over.  That I had to exhale to bend over wasn’t nearly as upsetting as it was automatic.  Apparently, I’ve been needing to do this for awhile and didn’t even realize it.

In my case, “just breath” wasn’t a good a thing.  Time to start taking action.  I weighed in at 283…….my highest.  Never again.