Fox twisted everything to defend the right and MSNBC twisted to the left.  While I don’t believe the main sources of media are sources of “fake news” with political agendas, the media isn’t about delivering the truth.  They are about delivering profits to their owners. They do this by doing three thing that interfere with actually reporting the news.  First, they cater to their audiences.  For example, New York Post and Fox News will give a slant from the right because their audiences tend to be right of center.  The same is true for New York Times and MSNBC but for the left of center.  Second, media from all across the spectrum sensationalize every story they can.  Seriously, how many times has your local TV station predicted “snowmageddon?”  All they care about is that you stay tuned.  By sensationalizing everything, especially on slow news days, they drive viewer/readership, leading to profits.  Third, similar to sensationalizing, media from all across the spectrum do some version of click baiting.  That is, they will make their headlines so irresistible that you have to click, watch, read, whatever.  Unfortunately, that click bait headline may have nothing to do with what the article actually says.  This is even more damaging because most people don’t read all the articles.  They skim over a bunch of headlines until they find the article they like and then they might only read a paragraph or two.  The damage is done though because they think the headlines are true reflections of the article.

I got tired of that and do my own research, pulling from all over the political spectrums.  This website is mainly me trying to do a partisan free review of the daily news.  I’ll link to both sides as appropriate and comment as I see fit.  Politically, I’m left of many of you and right of others.  I try to use the same criteria for measuring the successes (and the many failures) on both sides of the isle.  That is, I’m not going to apply one standard of honesty for one politician and a different standard for another.