Day 4 – oops

So first the output……282.0.  So up 0.8 pounds.  I’m not overly concerned about that.  I had a big drop the day before, but…….the inputs are a bit of a mixed bag.  Exercise was awesome.  Eleven thousand steps plus an hour in the kayak.  The calories?  Yeah.  I don’t know but I know it wasn’t good.  My phone was out of commission for most of the day, so I didn’t track as I went along.  Wouldn’t have been a problem normally but my wife wanted a sundae from McDonalds.

Yeah.  That wasn’t good for me.  My fast-food cravings kicked in and I grabbed one of their hamburgers.  Since this was one of the few times I’m going to allow myself a fast-food mean, I figured I’d get one of their specialty burgers, Pico Guacamole on artisan bread.  With fries, which were awesome, totaled almost 1200 calories.  The burger was awful.  I know drive through burgers shopping really should be left to Wendy’s  (or maybe Sonic in a pinch – debate it in the comments section) but McDonalds was all I had.  Artisan bread apparently means made from paper-mache.  Or perhaps sawdust.  I couldn’t be sure, it might have been sawdust.  They used diced tomatoes.  Who puts diced tomatoes on a burger?  Do you know what diced tomatoes do on a burger?  They fall into your lap.  A lot.  Of course, the McDonalds’ burger tasted about as burnt and flavorless as one would expect from the clown.  I think this cured my cravings for fast-food for awhile.  I guess that is positive.


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