Not quite there

So the first day of intentional massive mass reduction (a.k.a. time to lose some weight chubby) wasn’t quite on track.  All in all not a terrible day.  Sure, I lost a couple tenths of a pound but at my size, I can lose that with a really deep breath.

My daily target of 10,000 steps fell bit short.  7000, including a 30 minute walk.  I don’t think that’s too bad but there is room for improvement.  3000 steps of improvement to be exact.  I did go play some tetherball with the boy, so I figure that had to have been a little good on some part of me.

Calories were a bit over too.  2500.  The app I’m using  – myfitnesspal – suggested 2200 to hit my goal.  It has a tool where you can project where your weight will be in four weeks if everyday was like today.  I think it had me down 3 pounds in four weeks.  Down!  Good.  Again, 3 pounds on someone my size might just be because all of me couldn’t fit on the scale at the same time.  My overages were part of life though.  We had a special day for my daughter involving cake and going out to chinese food.  I didn’t go for the second piece of cake, like I normally would have and instead of going for the succulent, deep fried, sugary goodness that is General Tso’s Chicken, I went for a pleasant noodle dish that was probably 500 calories less.

All in all not a bad first day but not good enough to get me to my goals.  Not yet anyway.


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